Seval dybtræk pakkemaskine




This fully automatic vacuum packaging machine and is applicable for vacuum, gas-filling and skin packaging of products like meat products, seafood, fruits, vegetables, pickles, cooled meat, medicine products, metal elements, and medical apparatus.


Control System

Omron PLC, Omron touch screen and Panasonic servo system and frequency inverter, German Busch Pump, German Festo Pneumatic System and Bernstein safety control


Main Functions

      The Photoelectric enable color cover film or optical film can be used for packaging, which can reduce the cost and upgrade the products

      The modular moulds can be replaced easily and can be used on several machines.

      The moulds is fitted with cooling system

      According to user requirement for product packaging, nitrogen or other protective gases can be filled into the package after vacuum

      Gas equipment and code printing system is available as options

      The German Busch Pump ensures stability and durability.

      The clamping chains cover the use for Stretch shaping, soft films, hard films and semi-hard films of different thickness

      The machine has optional punching advanced transverse and longitudinal according to user requirement or cutting system, the replacement and operation is easy and simple

      Fitted with a scrap recycling system - good environment and health maintained.












Seval A/S             Tel: +45 76 65 40 44           E-mail:
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